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June 2016 Newsletter

June 2016 Hello, I’d like to fill you in on some recent developments! We just launched our brand NEW Facebook page that will keep you up-to-date on all of our current promotions and contests… Including our all-new “Customer of the Month” award! So please, don’t forget to “Like” us and connect with us at! I’d […]

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April Newsletter

Caring for Rainwear           Caring for Rainwear Raincoats aren’t just for spring anymore, they are multifunctional garments that protect you from the rain, keep you warm on cool days, and can even be worn with evening wear. Raincoats come in a variety of fabrics including brushed cotton, water-repellent wool gabardines, blends of polyester and rayon, […]

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March Newsletter

Cleaning Neckties Cleaning Items without Care Labels         Cleaning Neckties As an important accessory in every gentleman’s wardrobe, neckties require the same care as any other type of apparel. Accidents will happen and it can be important to know how to care for neckties properly. Often, neckties do not require cleaning until they encounter a spill […]

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February Newsletter

Beyond Cleaning We Clean More than Just Clothes           Beyond Cleaning We Clean More than Just Clothes (So you can Relax) We specialize in taking quality care of your garments, which (with today’s busy lifestyle) is a relief because laundry is one less chore you want to deal with at home. The beauty of dropping […]

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January Newsletter

  Getting the Best Out of Your Bedding                 Getting the Best Out of Your Bedding Just after the holiday season, retailers bet the bank that you’re not all shopped out. They want to draw you in with their after-holiday sales, such as the white sales for bedspreads, comforters, sheets, and linens. […]

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December Newsletter

Considering Cleanability when Shopping Online                   Considering Cleanability when Shopping Online Today’s busy lifestyles leave families less time to shop, especially during the hectic holiday season. If you’re tired of shopping in crowded malls for that perfect gift, catalog shopping may be for you. Online shopping is convenient, and […]

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November Newsletter

Proper Selection and Care Can Prolong the Life of Your Leathers                   Proper Selection and Care Can Prolong the Life of Your Leathers Leather is one of nature’s most practical and sensual materials. Techniques can make skins lighter, enabling designers to fashion garments for year-round use. Beautiful finishes, textures, and colors enhance […]

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October Newsletter

Choosing  and Caring for Down Comforters What is Pilling?                   Choosing and Caring for Down Comforters Although cleaning down items usually is not a problem, a comforter with poor construction and insufficient quilting can cause the down to shift, lose shape, or become matted. Inspect the comforter […]

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September Newsletter

Tracking Your Order What is Lace?                 Tracking Your Order How Do We Keep Everything Together? Week after week you and many other greatly appreciated customers drop clothes and other items off to be cleaned.  After we processing all those orders, how can we tell your blue pants from the many […]

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August Newsletter

  Fancy Fabrics Require Gentle Treatment     Fancy Fabrics Require Gentle Treatment Not all fabrics are created equal. Garment construction plays a major role in its cleanability, impacting its use in wear. Here are three extreme examples of higher maintenance clothing items and how to make them last longer and look their best. Special Care […]

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